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Landscape & Planning

Safe school roads in Kgs. Enghave

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provided the architectural services for the project “Safe School Roads in Kongens Enghave”, that eased conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in a heavily trafficked district of Copenhagen.

In conjunction with safeguarding the way to and from school for pupils attending Sydhavn School, Copenhagen Local Authority wished to improve generally the traffic conditions for cyclists and pedestrians in the Kongens Enghave district. The urban district is traversed by several heavily trafficked streets.

An example of one of the “13 Safe School Roads” projects is the upgrade of “the Sydbane path”, linking Sjælør and Sydhavn stations. This part of the project will improve openness along the route and includes improvements of surfacing, equipment and lighting. The primary focus is on pedestrians’ and cyclists’ safety and on providing an experience of a safe, varied section of the pathway. Gottlieb Paludan Architects also collaborates with Vestre Churchyard, the Danish State Railways (DSB), and Rail Net Denmark to reassess the vegetation along the track. The route is part of the green cycling route network (the Valby Route and “cycle superhighways”), and the number of cyclists on the route is expected to rise in the future.

Design challanges

- Improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians in a heavily trafficked urban area.

- Adapting large-scale urban space to meet the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.

Project location