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Landscape & Planning

Route 21, Holbæk-Vig

Gottlieb Paludan Architects have been in charge of the landscape architecture project for the extension of the road link Route 21 between the Danish cities of Holbæk and Vig.

The task included aesthetic assessments and visualizations of alternative options as part of background studies for the completion of EIA procedures.

The architectural project comprises:
• production of an interactive presentation for the road alignment survey on phase 2 of the project
• terrain modelling for the placement of surplus soil
• design proposals for bridges on the route 
• the design of rest areas and intermodal facilities
• placement and design of car-pooling facilities

To further secure landscape considerations GPA have conducted an investigation of landscape typology within the planning corridor.

The bridge design addresses the constituent elements, i.e. bridge deck, bridge piers, abutments, retaining walls, gabions and resulted in a bridge design report defining the framework for the final bridge design.

As part of the landscape project GPA have been responsible for the planning and design of a new rest area at Bjergene near Holbæk and the design of new carpooling facilities on different localities along the route.

The rest area design includes the placement of 600.000 m3 surplus soil laid out in the shape of three lenticular hills, organized in a fanshaped pattern. The hills are grasscovered and integrate as sculptural elements into the surrounding landscape, whereas the shape tells about their artificiality.

Through 2012-2013 GPA is finishing the planting project for the entire motorway stretch, including the planting of the rest area.

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