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Resource and Energy Centre Hamburg

GPA will design the exterior of the new resource and energy centre with a project that includes façade greening, a skywalk and a visitors’ centre.

A new resource and energy centre will contribute to a greener Hamburg. The centre marks a shift from traditional waste incineration to more integral use of the energy resources found in our rubbish.

The name of GPAs’ design, ”Grüne Laternen”, refers to the illuminated green spaces that define the exterior of the facility and symbolize the sustainable nature of the project. Parts of the facility are open to the public, and a visitors’ centre is located at the highest point of the building with a view over Hamburg. A skywalk leads visitors around the entire facility and up to the visitors’ centre at the top. External, planted spaces lend the appearance of luminous green lanterns and act as breaks on the skywalk, from where visitors can experience the technical processes at close range through apertures in the façade.

The building is clad with bands of light metal plating, creating a cohesive functional background and uniting the different engineering buildings on site visually. Entrances and gates have been kept to a red colour scale and thus stand out clearly against the light background.

Visualization: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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