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Renovation of Hillerød Station

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is behind a comprehensive renovation of the Hillerød station building worthy of preservation.

Hillerød station was inaugurated in 1864 as the terminus for Nordbanen. Since then, the station has become a major traffic hub with two local train platforms and a bus stop north of the station.

The main building appears as a distinctive building of great cultural-historical significance for the city of Hillerød. Due to many years without significant use and lack of maintenance, the building’s climate screen, interior and installations are in need of repairment. The renovation is carried out with a focus on the building’s preservable qualities.

The aim of the project is to enable a future connection of the two local railway tracks by the demolition of the station’s side buildings. In addition, the existing station building will be improved for rental purposes, which will serve to revitalize the station area. The side buildings and the small ’middle roof’ on the side of the tracks is demolished and the facades are restored with new masonry against the tracks. The original roof decoration is restored as it adds the original lightness and elegance to the station building.

photos: Lars Rolfsted Mortensen

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