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The Prince’s Bridge

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is the firm that has been overseeing the restoration of the Prince’s Bridge near Christiansborg, home of the Danish Parliament. The newly constructed bridge is all the stronger now, occupying a striking position in the interplay between the classical and the modern.

The newly constructed bridge has retained as much as possible of the historic bridge. The original bridge piers and original lampposts have been preserved and re-used in the new bridge. The decking has been replaced with a new concrete deck, cast in-situ, and the new railings have been made from bent steel.

The railings have been designed as a re-interpretation of the pointed or Gothic arc motif that was characteristic of the original cast-iron heritage railings. The new railings have two rows of slender, arched balusters or rail posts, providing ever-changing play and interlacing as you make your way across the bridge. In order to be able to meet contemporary legal requirements, the railings have been raised by 25 cm.

The lampposts have also been raised, preserving the original interplay between lampposts and railings. Both components have received the same finish, giving them the appearance of an integral whole.

The two rows of balusters give the railings their requisite strength while at the same time maintaining the historical relationship with the previous bridge.

Photos: Lars Rolfsted Mortensen

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