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Landscape & Planning

New urban space south of the foot and cycle bridge, Byens Bro

Gottlieb Paludan Architects was lead consultant for the foot and cycle bridge, Byens Bro spanning the railway area at Odense Central St. In continuation of this project, Gottlieb Paludan Architects, has designed a new urban space south of the bridge. The design consists of a large organically-shaped brick plinth, which uses a series of terraces to communicate the transition between bridge and urban space.

The plinth serves as a large piece of urban furniture and as well as the point of departure for the pedestrian/ cycling bridge. The square contains bicycle parking, open areas, as well as stairways, ramps and lifts for the bridge.

The mainstay among the materials is the Odense brick, which is also used in the centre of Odense and in the Kongens Have gardens. This makes the new square a natural continuation and modern interpretation of Odense’s classic urban spaces.

The square is centrally located between Odense Central Station, Kongens Have, Posten and the future Viva Bycenter and constitutes a familiar, distinctive urban space which naturally links these well-attended places.

Photos: Steffen Sten, Kirstine Autzen

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