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New interiors for FTF-A

In Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge district, Gottlieb Paludan Architects (GPA) handles the renovation and conversion of FTF-A’s administration premises. The renovation spans from 2009 to 2018.

The converted premises totalling 1,400 m² contain a call centre, open-plan offices, quiet-room and conference room facilities, a separate executive floor with a board meeting room and a meeting centre floor. Currently, GPA manages the replacement of all windows in the property and is responsible for establishing a new, spacious entrance area with a sculptural access staircase.

The project has comprised the conversion of traditional cubicle office floors into a modern office environment with open, flexible layout solutions, well-arranged spatial units and possibilities of informal contact with colleagues. In a comparatively deep building structure, workplaces, conference rooms and lounge areas have been arranged with respect to daylight, views and internal relations. In addition, the concrete structures of the building have been exposed to generate the largest possible ceiling height and emphasise the building’s fundamental architectural qualities. The renovation comprises all internal surfaces.

The primary success criteria for the project solution have been to establish a new and flexible framework for work and community and to generate a good working environment with focus on daylight and indoor climate.

Over the past six years, GPA has been permanent advisors to FTF-A. In each new construction project, GPA reuses the unique experience that has been established through communication with the client and the entire organisation.


For all projects, GPA prepares a schedule and budgets for construction costs and fees. Schedules and budgets will not be exceeded without a relevant cause, and always with the client’s acceptance.

Photos: Lars Rolfsted Mortensen


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