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New Greverudlia Kindergarten

Gottlieb Paludan has performed a draft design, preliminary project and detailed plan for a new kindergarten with six divisions for 90-120 children and 23 full-time equivalents/employees. The construction is based on the passive house concept.

The project includes a common area that is available for use outside the kindergarten’s usual opening hours. The building is set on two storeys. The kindergarten site is perceived as an uncultivated plot with lots of forest, plants and visible bedrock.

New Greverudlia kindergarten is designed to adapt to the triangular plot and the terrain. Each division must have direct access to/from the outdoor area. The design of the planned kindergarten also reflects a desire to maximise the indoor play area with a minimum of corridors. Based on these factors, the shape is circular and “cut” to create an inclined roof that matches the topography of the terrain.

A simple palette is used with few materials and a colour scheme that harmonises with the surroundings. Because of the few materials, which require little or no maintenance, maintenance costs can be kept low while creating a unified whole. The materials planned to be used are mainly wood and sedum/green roof with some glass and sheeting on the façades. The wooden cladding will be like a “wooden tapestry” covering the expanse of the building.

Project location