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New affordable homes in UNESCO town Christiansfeld  

Building in Christiansfeld demands respect for the UNESCO listed town's simple and harmonious building traditions. However, it also requires courage to propose architectural interpretations that may show the way for future, innovative building projects. 

The project consists in establishing new, affordable homes in Christiansfeld’s old school house which is situated in a characteristic urban environment built by the German Moravian Brethren. It includes both transformation of listed buildings and new builds.

The competition stipulates that the construction project must be performed within the financial and regulatory framework of social housing. At the same time, the winning entry must serve as a leading example of good and attractive homes that both respect the sensitive environment and have the capacity to release their architectural potential.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects' services include:


  • - selecting type of competition;
  • - preparing competition material and related terms and conditions;
  • - handling EU tender and prequalification; and
  • - assuming the role of secretariat during the competition and selection phases. 

Photo n. 2: Ole Akhø

Project location