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New access arrangements for Tyresta National Park 

Gottlieb Paludan Architects designs the new access arrangements for a large national park covering nearly 20 square kilometres southeast of Stockholm. 

Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve is one of the largest areas of pristine forest in Sweden. The object of the nature reserve is to protect a beautiful and valuable natural environment and to provide opportunities for outdoor activities, recreation and education.

The new access arrangements include a large main entrance to the west and a smaller entrance to the east. Visitors arriving via the main entrance come through an existing area of forest. There are parking facilities at this entrance as well as a new information station and a network of hiking trails. 

The theme of the main entrance is the forest and the parking area is designed to appear as a forest clearing. Gravelled areas and birch trees in grass characterise the area and create natural boundaries between parking and traffic zones. To the south, the parking area is bounded by a border and a path, signalling to visitors that they have arrived at the Alby Nature Reserve and directing them to the information station.  

Visitors arriving via the east entrance come through an open cultural landscape. The design theme at this entrance is the garden and the parking area is designed as an orchard. Fruit trees give shape and identity to the design and are a nod to the history of the kitchen gardens and orchards that originally characterised the areas surrounding the buildings. 

visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 



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