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Landscape & Planning

Nedre Bakklandet

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has worked with residential and commercial construction and road improvement along Nedre Bakklandet, which is Trondheims most reputable central district and tourist attraction.

The street project expands through Nygata in the south to Bakke Bridge to the north with a fine little square in the middle. The roads are upgraded with cobblestones and bicycle traffic islands, as a continuation of the bicycle concept further to the south, with a good adaptation to the environment with old wooden houses along Nidelva.

The building complexes are part of the main bicycle routes. Gottlieb Paludan Architects is also reviewing draft designs for the future improvement of the southern part of the area. In a parallel venture, we also designed an urban yard at the entrance to Bakke bridge on a narrow, but highly exposed plot between the wooden building on Mølleberg and the first part of Innherredsveien. The building has 9 residential units, all with access to outdoor space in the form of both a roof terrace, balcony and backyard. At the lower level facing Nedre Bakklandet, the building opens up to the street with business areas that are accessed at street level.


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