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Landscape & Planning

Nørreport Station, Copenhagen

Nørreport Station is Denmark’s busiest transport hub, and following the transformation, it is the center of an urban space with a smooth passenger flow and a distinct city pulse.

Cyclists and and pedestrians were prioritized via rerouting and reducing vehicular traffic. Key values were urban life, passenger flow, wayfinding and accessibility.

The development of a new bike parking concept more than doubled the parking spaces available as well as easing their use. The lighting was designed to create a safe and attractive urban space after dark. The project was awarded with The Danish Lighting Award 2016.

The project fell into three sub-projects: The urban space sub-project with new designs of the station forecourt and buildings, pavings and surfacings, bicycle parking, access and traffic arrangements; the modernization of the platform for long-distance trains; and the renovation of the concrete structures above the underground platforms. Gottlieb Paludan Architects was involved in all three sub-projects and coordinated many different aspects of the project.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provided full-service consultancy, and collaborated on the project with COBE architects, consulting engineers Sweco, and lighting designers Bartenbach.         

Photos: Jens Lindhe 

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