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Martial Arts Centre, Nørrebro, Copenhagen 

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has conducted a preliminary study on establishing a new Martial Arts Centre at Nørrebro Station. The study was conducted on behalf of Byggeri København, the local authority’s construction department.

The Martial Arts Centre  (in Danish: Kampsportens Hus) is to be run by some of the many martial arts associations that currently have premises in Nørrebro. Martial arts have become very popular sports in Copenhagen among children and young people. This is particularly true in Nørrebro where martial arts associations thrive. There are 21 martial arts associations with a total of about 2,500 members in Nørrebro and the so-called Nordvest quarter.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has conducted a needs analysis in relation to the site, comprehensive volume studies to ensure optimum layout and analysis of technical conditions. GPA has analysed the economic consequences of establishing a new build on the Skoda site by Nørrebro Station and produced presentations on various process and tender scenarios.

According to the plans for the site, the footprint of the new construction will be about 3,000 m² (gross). The centre will have ten training halls and the associated changing facilities, offices and club/meeting rooms together with outward-facing functions such as a cafe, shop and exhibition area.

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