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Marbjerg Waterworks, Roskilde

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has designed a new waterworks in Marbjerg near Roskilde. The new works was erected on a site just behind the existing waterworks which was in operation until the new construction was completed.

120,000 residents in eight municipalities in the Greater Copenhagen area are now getting their drinking water from the waterworks in Marbjerg, which is one of the largest in Denmark, capable of supplying 4.8 million m³ water annually. The water undergoes a simple treatment process, consisting of aeration and filtration, after which it is led into clean water tanks for distribution to the consumers. The backwash water is led into sedimentation tanks, from which the sludge is collected. The clear water phase is filtered and UV-treated, after which it is led back for recycling in the pressure filters.

The building is made up of three interlocking brick-clad volumes which respond in scale and volume to the internal functions, articulating the mass both horizontally and vertically. The long building at the back is primarily a warehouse, the tall building houses the actual water treatment process and the low building in front accommodates the staff welfare facilities.

The whole complex is red-brick, fitting in with the existing waterworks and staff housing. The façades feature recessed brickwork, meaning that every other course of bricks protrudes, creating depth and texture to an otherwise uniform façade. Marbjerg Waterworks is situated in a beautiful cultivated landscape, and it was therefore essential to design a building that would not be visually noisy within the surroundings. The windows in the brick walls are primarily behind ribbed brickwork and they are thereby flush with the façade; however, the one exception is the long window in the south gable of the building at the entrance to the waterworks.

The project planning began in the autumn of 2011 and the waterworks was completed in March 2015.

Collaboration partners: Krüger A/S

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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