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Linnésgade and Rømersgade, Copenhagen

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has been responsible for the architectural redesign of Linnésgade and Rømersgade, two streets in central Copenhagen in Copenhagen, with a focus on improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects managed all above-ground works on the project, which aimed to create attractive, green, climate-adapted urban design with space for the many cyclists, pedestrians and motorists that use the streets on a daily basis.

In both streets, parking spaces have been elimintated to create greener urban spaces with bicycle parking and more room for recreation as well as pedestrians and cyclists.These elements also act as a pace-reducing element for car traffic, and the approximately 150 new bicycle parking spaces have been organised to achieve a better flow for pedestrians.

Combined with an objective to create better conditions for vulnerable road users, road geometrics have been designed to drain rainwater away from the road and create security for cyclists and pedestrians. Rømersgade and Linnésgade are located on the old ramparts between Ørstedparken and the Botanical Gardens. The cobblestone paving and increased greenery has given the streets a new visual appearance, supporting Copenhagen Municipality’s vision of creating more space for pedestrians and cyclists and a clear green connection between the two parks.

Similar construction work has also happened on Vendersgade. Here, the physical layout of the street also indicates that it is designed predominantly for so called soft traffic. Read more about Vendersgade here.

Before and after - Linnésgade:

Before and after - Rømersgade:

Photos: Jens Lindhe 

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