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Lianyungang R&D Center

The purpose of the project is to improve business development in Lianyungang and attracting experts to the new Energy & Environmental Technology R&D Center.

The center, designed for Huachun Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Environment Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd., is located in Dabu Industrial Park, which is part of the Lianyungang Economic Development Zone on the Chinese east coast.

The client's wish is to build a modern and unique structure - a well-designed research and development building with housing for employees, all on the same campus. The project will appear as a distinctive complex with an architecture that signals the company's modern and progressive values. The center will provide a framework for a functional and dynamic workplace, where flexible office spaces contribute to a healthy and quality oriented work environment for employees.

Gottlieb Paludan has collaborated with COWI China to provide a building that shows how innovative design can facilitate the development of green technologies while creating a high quality work environment. The interaction between social, environmental and economic sustainability has been the key focus in the design of the area.

The project has not been realised.

Project location