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Large-Scale Test Facility at DTU Risø Campus

The new building will provide the setting for DTU Wind Energy’s research, in particular large-scale testing of wind turbine blades with special focus on static and fatigue tests.

The new main building is designed as one separate rectangular volume with an integrated core for workshop and staff facilities. The building is on two floors together with mezzanine level.

The test hall will be used for testing wind turbine blades of 15, 25 and 45 metres. On the floor in the hall, three test stands (large concrete plinths) will be built to which the blades will be fixed. A special transport vehicle will bring the blades into the hall via the gate in the north gable end and travelling cranes in the hall will hoist the blades in place. In the north-eastern corner of the test hall, there is a blade pit which will ensure that the tips of the large turbine blades do not hit the floor during testing. From the control room, staff will be able to manage and monitor all technical experiments that take place in the test hall. 

Designs have been made for a flexible office with workstations, allowing staff and visitors to undertake office work relevant to the tests conducted in the hall.  

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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