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Gottlieb Paludan Architects has delivered a draft design and detailed project for the development of an application and design concept with custom design of furniture for shared use of Trondheim’s cultural meeting place, Kulturtribunen.

Kulturtribunen (the Cultural Grandstand) is a joint project between Trondheim municipality and the Ranheim Idrettslag football club, establishing a youth recreation club, a physical activity centre and a public library in a new grandstand building at Ranheim arena.

The library, recreation club and  physical activity centre have dedicated areas in the room but can use each other's premises so that all rooms are in use throughout most of the day. The project has allowed for better utilization of the area with a more spacious solution that invigorates the building. The youth recreation club with its kitchen and the physical activity facilities are used by kindergartens, pensioners and for literary sessions, concerts or courses in daytime. The library is also open on evenings with many young people frequenting it. The district library also offers extended self-service access for regular users.

Kulturtribunen wishes to be more than a library and consequently stands out from the crowd with its design and use of furniture and materials.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects also participated in the process of integrating art.

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