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Interior design for Realdania

Gottlieb Paludan Architects designed the reception area and a number of informal meeting places in Realdania’s head office at Jarmers Plads, using custom-made fixtures.

Realdania wanted a more informal organization of the reception area. Now, the area has more free-standing units, such as the reception, waiting area furniture and storage units. In the centre of the space, there is a free-standing unit which includes café functions, book displays, technology, etc. A large screen is integrated into the acoustic cladding, providing visitors with information on Realdania’s activities.

The new furniture is produced from the composite material Corian. The white base colour is supplemented in linings and on signs by a palette that on the one hand refers to Realdania’s red signature colour and on the other to the building’s existing materials, such as burnished brass and finishes in marble and ash.

The effect of the existing skylight is boosted with artificial light that will reproduce daylight in the reception area.  In addition, clear “sun spots” are added to the soft light, streaming from narrow-beam spotlights in warm colours which create visual foci.  

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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