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Design & Interior

Hommelvik secondary school, Interior architecture

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has replaced the secondary school in Hommelvik with a new school at the same site, increasing the capacity from 350 to 400 students.

The project aimed to create a school with good daylight conditions and contact with the surroundings combined with short internal connections, vertically as well as horizontally. In addition, the design has been strongly guided by the school's adaptation into the adjacent small housing that is deemed worthy of preservation.

The interior architect assisted with the plan arrangement for the management, public library, common area, teaching area and permanent fittings and furniture for the school. The use of a single colour for the management, student area and library, respectively, supports a more logical understanding of the structure.

The school building is set on four wings spread around a central area in a so-called stellar structure. This has been realised with a centrally located entrance/foyer with two main wings on each side. The side wings and the central room are divided into smaller volumes with gable roofs as a direct reference to the scale and nature of the area.

Project location