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High-Speed Railway Line across West Funen

A new 35-kilometre high-speed railway line across West Fyn will contribute to reducing the travelling time between Denmark’s largest towns and cities.

The line will be passing through an area where there are many wind turbines and high-voltage power lines. The landscape is also characterized by very noticeable shifts between large open spaces and stretches of undulating terrain.

The project was performed in connection with an EIA report and includes a landscape analysis based on the LCA (Landscape Character Assessment) principles and assessments of proposed alignments.   In addition, Gottlieb Paludan Architects developed concept designs for planting, grading the terrain, noise barriers, fauna corridors and bridges.

A prerequisite of the project is that the infrastructure installations in West Fyn are brought together in a common transport corridor. Thus, one of the main challenges of the project is to achieve visual calm by ensuring that the transport corridor, consisting of the motorway and the railway line, is experienced as one entity. Such a requirement makes huge demands on the landscape integration in order to avoid unnecessarily complicated junctions around motorway interchanges and intersecting local roads.

Design challanges

- Integrating train and motorway routings in one, common landscape corridor.

- Creating a qualified basis for decisions with far-reaching implications for scenic qualities.

Visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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