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Heat Pump in Nordhavn, Copenhagen

Gottlieb Paludan Architects (GPA) is carrying out a main project for a new eco-friendly district heating central for HOFOR. A new building will be established for supplying heat to Copenhagen’s Nordhavn port area.

HOFOR provides heating for UNICEF and the cruise terminals in Nordhavn. The current oil-boiler heating supply will be discontinued, with an eco-friendlier heating supply being established in the form of a groundwater-based heat pump installation. Comprising a heat pump central with associated building and tank, the installation will be placed at UNICEF’s existing parking area, located on the corner of Oceanvej and Oceankaj.

Pipelines will be established to facilitate groundwater intake and outlet for the installation. In addition, the project involves the establishment of new district heating lines from the heat pump central to UNICEF’s heat central, at which point it will be connected to the existing supply. In addition, new district heating lines will be established, running from the heat pump central to the existing grid of pipelines currently supplying the cruise terminals.

Together with Cowi, GPA managed the design planning of the building (main contract). GPA was also responsible for the tender and contracting process for the main contract as well as the construction management for the main contract and the heat pump contract. 

Photos: Lars Rolfsted Mortensen

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