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Landscape & Planning

Future use of Metro construction sites

Can a Metro excavation become a new ice skating rink? In collaboration with Metroselskabet, Gottlieb Paludan Architects has produced an ideas catalogue that illustrates various options for future use of three Metro construction sites. 

Before Metroselskabet, in accordance with the agreed plan, restores the sites to their original states prior to becoming Metro construction sites, some of the sites have been assessed in order to determine whether their present states may be utilized for the benefit of the community. The three sites under discussion are situated in Nørrebroparken, Sønder Boulevard and Sortedamsøen.

Based on geometric calculations and the character of the neighbourhoods, GPA analysed and assessed the potential of the three sites. Copenhagen Local Authority and the other relevant local authorities were consulted for their visions and wishes which were included in the analysis.

In this connection, GPA facilitated an ideas workshop with the stakeholders. Following the workshop, GPA processed the proposals and headed the production of an ideas catalogue with detailed descriptions, financial estimates and preliminary designs. 

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