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Future Farming, Pig City

Pig City is a completely new mode of operation for large-scale agriculture with particular focus on animal welfare, the environment and climate.

The depicted production unit contains a pig farm and a greenhouse, since the combination of exactly these two types of monoculture will yield the most and best environmental and productive advantages. The production targets maximum utilization of pig slurry — which is considered one of the largest waste problems in Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries with a high density of pigs.

Pig City combines pork production with a tomato greenhouse to utilize excess heat, electricity, CO2 and nutrients from the pigs. In fact, so much energy is wasted from pork production that the tomatoes can be produced entirely without external energy sources. There will be no stench from the pig production and no environmental discharge of ammonia and other fertilizers via exhaust fumes. Animal welfare and work environment are of the highest standards: By incorporating a local slaughterhouse, animal stress is minimized and a new ventilation system will minimize dust and ammonia exposure to both farm workers and animals. The surplus energy and heat generated from the biogas system can be used locally — and not wasted as is currently the case with many established biogas units located away from the production facility.

The project will also include air purification technology as well as the full integration of environmental technologies allowing for the total separation of pig farming from the open land.

Visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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