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ÅF-house, Trondheim

Gottlieb Paludan Architects, has in collaboration with ÅF, performed a complete interior renovation on an office block in Trondheim.

The office solution is planned as an activity-based office with emphasis on great variation in work zones and supporting rooms. Both levels are designed after the expression “to spread like ripples in a pond”, in this way, there is more traffic and noise by the entrance, whereas it gets quieter towards the building’s ends.

The office block is designed with an interdisciplinary interaction axis along the 70 meter building to gather the traffic on one side of the building and sifting it into calm zones along the other side of the building. The interdisciplinary axis aims to stimulate to working across departments and doing away with silo thinking among the companies that move in together.

The number of closed conference rooms has been reduced and the open interdisciplinary zone is used as an active meeting venue. The entrance point is suitable for larger meetings and lectures and clearly further stimulates community across the board.

The project has been executed with great focus on the eenvironment and, as such, the premises have been constructed with a high level of recycling. 

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