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Copenhagen Central Station, Transformation and upgrade 

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provided architectural expertise during the transformation and upgrade of Copenhagen Central Station

The transformation of Copenhagen Central Station fell into a number of sub-projects, including: renovation of the station’s large roof constructions and of the concrete structures underneath the departure hall and railway cutting; platform extensions; and upgrades of the forecourts.

The renovation of the roof constructions was logistically a very complex task, as part of the work was performed from scaffolding across the track while the trains were passing underneath.

Two platforms used by long-distance services were extended to continue underneath the station hall. It was an architectural challenge to convert a narrow, low-ceilinged space into an attractive platform section of high quality. It was crucial to improve the functionality of the space, ensuring clarity of layout, simple logistics with new stairs and lifts to the station hall, pleasant yet ample lighting and cohesion in materials and style to reflect the station’s status as a listed building.

The lighting of the space was achieved with a specially developed ceiling raft system, supplemented with scattered downlights, reminiscent of rays of sunlight. The project won the Danish Lighting Award (Den Danske Lyspris) in 2009.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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