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Control Room at DONG Energy

In 2012, DONG Energy re-located its Grid Control Center to the new headquarters north of Copenhagen. The Grid Control Room supervises and manages the power grid and distribution in the Greater Copenhagen area. The project was to create a layout of the control room itself, its adjacent functions and to design the necessary furniture.

Analyzing the users’ experiences of their physical working environment, especially in connection with night time work, led to a particular focus on the lighting design.

The circular operators’ desk - the only round feature in the new headquarters - is enhanced by the addition of the custom made luminaire which is known to the users as ’the halo’. The double circle motif concentrates attention, creates a psychological distance to outside disturbances and creates an identity for the core function which Grid Control is to DONG Energy. The halo emits warm white or cold white light depending on the needs of the users. At night the most comfortable is soft, warm white light supplemented with task lighting from recessed down lights built in to the halo over each individual work place. The general light that is emitted by the strip lighting across the ceiling can be adjusted inside and outside the circle independently, as yet another flexible means for the users to focus attention on the operators’ desk.

The acoustic dampening panels on the end walls are fitted with subtle graphics of oak trees mimicking the characteristics of the power grid. The panels are fitted with adjustable wall washers so that the space can have a visible termination even when the general light level is very low. At night the operators individually adjust the numerous lighting components to increase comfort around the work space and enhance concentration.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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