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Landscape & Planning

City and Port Planting

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has been the designing landscape architects on a number of tracts of parkland and urban spaces in Nordhavn and Ørestad South.

The stretch of parkland passing through the newly built Arena Quarter in Ørestad South extends from the open expanses of Amager Common to a narrow strip of urbanization at Ørestads Boulevard. It gradually transitions from a soft, green, wild landscape space to more clear-cut urban space, thus underscoring the identity of the quarter as a place where the city, suburbs and nature all overlap. The green townscape edges along the surrounding development of a promenade with a plethora of in-situ cast concrete spots to linger. 

With its spaces of varying nature, the tract of parkland has been attributed the role of an urban common in the quarter around the new Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Accessibility is vital: This naturally applies to the physical access, but also to ensuring that the park is resilient and spaceous enough to cope with many different visitors and forms of activities. Rainwater, including runoff from roofs, is routed to a blue tract that changes character from a town canal to a river bed, as it runs from east to west. 

The project design of the planting calls for particular care because Ørestad is characterized by waterlogged and compacted soils.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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