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Bytoften – new day nursery with a green profile

Gottlieb Paludan Architects will be advising Hvidovre Local Authority during the process to transform a disused town hall into a day-care facility with focus on sustainability.  

The day-care facility at Bytoften will have capacity for ten pre-school groups of children aged zero to six, and sustainability will be a recurrent architectural theme and educational focus.

Hvidovre Local Authority’s former town hall and a new extension will house the new day-care facility. The project is put out to tender in a project competition on full-service consultancy, and entrants will be required to propose how best to combine and facilitate the interplay between the existing, preservation-worthy building and the new extension. The Local Authority wants to support the development of green habits from an early age. Thus, the physical environment must inspire sustainability awareness among both the children and their teachers.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ services include:

- facilitating the user involvement process;

- preparing the building programme;

- assisting with the prequalification process; and

- conducting the project competition on full-service consultancy.

Project location