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Byens Bro,
Foot and Cycle Bridge

As lead consultant, Gottlieb Paludan Architects designed a foot and cycle bridge linking the urban areas to the north and south of Odense Central Station.

Using simple architectural means, Byens Bro (“The City’s Bridge”) creates an attractive shortcut and a spectacular link across the railway area.

The city’s natural traffic flows are at the heart of the solution which also integrates design, art, lighting and bicycle parking and creates an urban space that is enjoyable to both move through and spend time in. Byens Bro has become a landmark for Odense, while serving as an efficient, natural component of the urban landscape.

The design and detailing of the foot and cycle bridge focused on achieving a long service life and minimizing operating costs. Equal priority was given to easy and safe accessibility for vulnerable road users making their way around the city or heading to the railway station.

A total of 435 tonnes of steel were used to make the bridge, and a 40-metre pylon of high-lustre polished steel has made it a distinctive feature of Odense. In 2015, the project’s steelwork was awarded a prize by the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork.


Design challanges

- Enabling the new bridge to act as a dynamo for a new urban quater, connecting the city centre and the harbour across the railway.

- Integrating better, green mobility with a spectacular, urban experience

- Creating an urban landmark.


 Photos: Lars Rolfsted Mortensen

Further details about the project are available on www.odense.dk

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