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New town centre for Bording  

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has developed a new urban centre for the small provincial town of Bording. Bording’s new town centre is a focal point of urban life and is developed in close collaboration with local residents to inspire other small provincial towns currently undergoing urban renewal.

For limited means, the project has created a new setting for life in Bording, situated between Herning and Silkeborg. One of the key concepts of the project was allowing the landscape to “invade” the town: 2,335 new trees have be planted, an equivalent number to the town’s population. The town centre has become the focal point of urban life and community activities to promote spontaneous encounters and create a place brimming with possibilities and activities.

Facilities have been set up to encourage cycling as a mode of transport in and around Bording. In addition to a secure main thoroughfare from school, through the centre of town and on out to the sports hall, the system of paths has been consolidated to give the town a cohesive network of cycling and pedestrian routes.

The project manifests lyrical, pragmatic and achievable means for unifying the urban space in a new revitalised centre.

Photos: BOGL

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