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BMX track, Kalundborg 

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is client adviser for Kalundborg Forsyning in connection with the construction of a new international BMX track for the local BMX club. 

Kalundborg BMX Klub’s existing track next door to the utility company Kalundborg Forsyning is to close down and a new BMX track will be built at Tømmerup near Kalundborg.

In collaboration with Kalundborg Local Authority, it has been decided to build the new BMX facility next door to the sports centre Tømmeruphallen in order to create synergy with other sports.

The new facility must be able to host international competitions. Therefore, it must live up to UCI’s (Union Cycliste Internationale) standards and accommodate a wide range of riders of different ages and varying levels of proficiency. The preliminary design of the track includes 180-degree turns and a split section, allowing for the possibility of providing an easier and a more difficult route.

Club facilities must be provided for some 450 BMX riders, including club/meeting room, office, bicycle workshop, depots, etc. The surrounding areas will accommodate a staging area, spectator seating, parking facilities and access for first-aid and ambulance services. 

Photos: Kalundborg BMX Club

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