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Avedøre Power Plant, Unit 2

Avedøre Power Station is a combined heat and power plant, which has two units generating electricity and district heating for energy customers in Greater Copenhagen.

The Avedøre Power Station is silhouetted against the sky, from sharp and bright in sunny weather to rainy grey in typical Danish weather.

Unit 2 is a multi-fuel plant fired primarily with biomass. The processing system in Unit 2 is made up of several components, which, when combined, result in very high fuel utilisation. By generating both electricity and heat at the same time, the plant utilises up to 94% of the fuel’s energy. In addition to this, Unit 2 is one of the most efficient power plants in the world. For the present, Unit 1 is primarily fuelled with coal, but plans have been drawn up to convert this to biomass.

Avedøre Power Station also comprises a pump building for district heating, a high-voltage building, two 150-metre chimneys and a number of facilities for storing and transporting fuel and waste products.

The plant is covered by conical tent-like metal structures which integrate several independent elements into an iconic gestalt on the Greater Copenhagen horizon towering over the water surface at Kalveboderne.


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