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Andersen Bakery

Gottlieb Paludan Architects developed a vision for Andersen Bakery’s new head office in Hiroshima, Japan. The project revolves around the concept of ‘the comforts of home’ which is promoted by drawing on both Danish and Japanese traditions.

The extension will house many functions: bakery, delicatessen, restaurant, cooking school, lifestyle boutique, exhibition area, library, garden and offices.  The entire complex is clad in wood and the interiors have strong textural elements with warm and tactile surfaces – a combination of Danish and Japanese features, producing warm and welcoming spaces with a characteristic homely feel. 

The existing Andersen Bakery head office will be transformed and a pagoda-like extension will be added, opening up the façades of the original building and adding height. Panoramic windows open the building volumes to roof gardens and terraces, providing beautiful views of the city and attractive outdoor spaces for the many functions of the building. The office complex will have a distinctive presence in the city, and the intention is to create a landmark epitomizing ‘the comforts of home’.

The project has not been realized. 

Visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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