Knowledge sharing

When your client consultant is an architect 


Over the years Gottlieb Paludan Architects have advised many different clients and developers on everything from location surveys and feasibility studies, organizational and process consultancy, to tenancy advice, user involvement and piloting of complex project pathways. On the BLOX project at the Port of Copenhagen we were involved in a client-side consultancy capacity from the very earliest phases.

As client consultants with an academic architectural background, we help the client to think in holistic terms and help ensure that added value is generated throughout the progress of the project. Large-scale complex projects consist of many sub-components, any of which can easily obfuscate the overall picture at times. As architects, we are accustomed to viewing the project as a whole and managing the interaction between the political, financial, technical, spatial and aesthetic aspects. In a prestigious project like BLOX, Gottlieb Paludan Architects have been of particular assistance to Realdania By & Byg in unifying the client’s visions and the architect’s ideas, translating them into a tangible build in a Danish context.

Our contribution to the BLOX project has included overseeing dealings and coordinating contact between the client, the users and the architect, as well as liaising with the authorities in conjunction with adjustments to district plans, conservation issues and public consultation exercises. In addition, Gottlieb Paludan Architects were in charge of the overarching process management between the parties involved in connection with user involvement, project scrutiny throughout the entire process and overall screening of accessibility, for instance. During the execution phase we acted as the linkage between the architect and the contractor, with particular responsibility for the landscaping and interior works.

BLOX was designed by the Dutch bureau OMA and constructed by Realdania By & Byg. The building is located on Copenhagen’s harbour front and is a complex multi-user building, housing amongst others BLOXHUB (a community-based business innovation hub), the Danish Architecture Centre, the Danish Design Centre, a restaurant, offices, housing, a playground and an automated parking facility for 375 cars.

Watch the film below for an insight into this collaborative venture: