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Two international awards for Värtaverket  


Gottlieb Paludan Architects receives two prizes for the design of the new biomass-fuelled CHP plant in Stockholm.

The American Architecture Prize ™ (AAP) recognizes the achievements of architects all over the world. It celebrates the architects who push boundaries and set new standards. The basic idea is that great architecture is about creating a lasting design that will remain for generations while inspiring people and enriching their lives. This is the premise upon which the AAP awards prizes every year to architectural companies the world over.

The AAP Jury selected Värtaverket as winner in two categories: Green Architecture and Industrial Buildings.

An extract of the Jury’s comments reads as follows:

“The project is based on a holistic, sustainable approach aimed at reducing the CO₂ footprint for the city, even including the role that individual buildings play – through the supply of district heating.”

“The sinuous façade of terracotta panels mimics the brick of the historical industrial buildings nearby and helps to negotiate the size of the large-scale building, while its dynamic form proudly expresses its civic function …”

Värtaverket is Sweden’s largest biomass-fuelled CHP plant and is situated in central Stockholm. The complex is some 20,000 m²; parts of the production plant are placed in subterranean volumes, not least out of consideration for the surrounding environment which functions as a fauna path and includes a number of protected oak trees. Fuel is delivered via tunnels, direct from the quayside at Värtahamnen harbour, thus avoiding the impact of road transport on the environment.

Värtaverket opened in 2017 and was designed in collaboration with the Swedish architectural company Urban Design.            

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