Trees and tree trunks adorn Copenhagen’s new power plant 


These weeks, trees are planted on top of BIO4 - the new biomass plant in Copenhagen. Before long, visitors will be able to enjoy the view of the city and Øresund in green surroundings approx. 40 meters above sea level. The trees are of the white willow variety and the green surroundings are enhanced by approx. 600 m2 of sedum-coated roof surface.

The facade at BIO4 is already lined with tree trunks and before long, visitors can move up through the façade "forest" of trunks via a spectacular staircase, providing views into the interior’s energy production. The stairs end up in the viewing platform, providing a unique view of the city and the sea.

The project was created in collaboration with MOE, Møller & Grønborg and Speirs + Major and is a cornerstone of Copenhagen's plan to stop burning fossil fuels.

More about the project here