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Three GPA projects nominated for international design awards


Three of Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ major projects have been nominated for prestigious international awards. Nørreport Station has been nominated for the British lighting award Darc Awards, Byens Bro in Odense for the highly regarded World Architecture Festival Award, and the as-yet-not-finished BIO4 CHP unit at Amagerværket is up for LEAF’s (Leading European Architecture Forum) architectural award. 

Nørreport Station’s special night-time atmosphere nominated for the lighting award Darc Awards
The lighting installations in the urban space at Nørreport Station are among the 16 projects nominated in the Darc Awards category called ‘Spaces (High Budget)’. The award recognizes lighting design in urban and rural urban spaces.  The vision for Nørreport Station was to transform the chaotic transport hub to a safe and transparent urban space for its 250,000 daily users. The space is shaped by the comings and goings of people, dynamic lines connecting the surrounding streets and the functions of the station. Lighting plays a central role in the design of the urban space, and the various lighting installations mark out the functions of the station. As darkness falls, the urban space is transformed into a visual attraction; the lights are gradually lit and a calm atmosphere envelopes the space. The intensity of the luminous ventilation towers, which control the exchange of air on the platforms, decreases upwards, so the tops of the towers fade against the night sky. The solar-powered luminaries at the tops of the bicycle racks form a blanket of stars hovering above the expanse of parked bicycles. The strong light on the underside of the flat roofs captures our attention and indicates the central functions of the station, such as ticket sales, toilets, shop and the stairs down to the platforms. This special night-time atmosphere has generated attention and qualified the urban space to be nominated for the lighting award which will be presented in London this autumn. The project is made in collaboration with COBE and Bartenbach.  
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Byens Bro nominated for the highly regarded World Architecture Festival Award
Together with nine other projects from all over the world, the foot and cycle bridge Byens Bro in Odense has been selected to compete for the title of the best architectural transport solution. The bridge connects the urban areas north and south of Odense Railway Station, and with simple yet distinctive architectural means, it gives shape to Odense Local Authority’s vision of a spectacular bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the railway tracks. The design is true to the natural traffic patterns around the station and focuses on securing easy and safe accessibility for vulnerable road users. Art, lighting and the features of a social gathering place go hand in hand with functional needs, creating not just a bridge but a landmark for the city of Odense. The winner of the World Architecture Festival Award will be announced at an event in Berlin on 16–18 November, when Gottlieb Paludan Architects (GPA) will present the project to a panel of judges.
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BIO4 up for LEAF’s architectural award
As part of Copenhagen’s ambition to become the world’s first CO2-neutral capital, the Amagerværket CHP plant is extended with a new biomass-fuelled CHP unit, called BIO4. GPA has designed this new unit whose appearance reflects the functions of the plant. The forest as a symbol of renewable resources is a recurring theme of both the master plan and CHP unit. Thus, the plating of trees is the central strategic and unique element in the treatment of the landscapes surrounding Amagerværket, while the new CHP unit is enveloped in a deep façade of tree trunks which come together as not only a space but also a story which visitors participate in. A story that is relevant to us all about the forest and about the transition to sustainable energy. Together with three other projects, BIO4 has been named among the favourites to win the award in the category of innovative structures that have not as yet been realized. The winner will be announced in London on 14 October. 
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