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Opening of the new town centre of Bording  


The revitalization project which was initiated to transform the town centre of Bording into a new, cohesive and attractive urban space is now complete and was inaugurated on 3 October 2016.

Bording is a small town on the railway line between Herning and Silkeborg in Central Jutland. Over the last few years, Bording has been experiencing dwindling population figures. The object of the project was to create a new identity for Bording, promoting it as a commuter town with a strong sense of community. Adding to the qualities of the urban space and offering more opportunities for people to meet, get together and socialize inject new life into the community, and the clubs and societies in the area are flourishing, clearly adding to the town’s attraction as a place to live.

The revitalization has come about via direct initiatives within the town, where more outdoor spaces have been created for the residents, enriching the environment as platforms for activities and promoting the spontaneous get-together of people. For example, the impressively named Himmelpladsen (Danish for ‘Heaven Square’) has become a real hub of activity with skateboarding tracks, playground and attractive spaces to socialize. A large circular rainwater retention pond has been established at Bording’s central square. Its shape and position make it a natural new meeting place in Bording.

In addition, a central aspect of the project was to make Bording much greener by planting 2,335 new trees, which happens to match the number of residents in the town.The infrastructure has been adapted so as to promote cycling for getting around both in town and the surrounding areas; the overall path system has been enhanced and Bording has now a comprehensive network of paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

The town’s new identity was developed in collaboration with the residents. It is hoped that Bording will become a demonstration project for other small towns, showing how urban regeneration may be achieved with modest funding.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects was full-service adviser for Ikast-Brande Local Authority and Realdania and additionally in charge of architectural works in collaboration with landscape architects BOGL and consulting engineering company MOE.


Photo credits: BOGL