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New Snekkersten Waterworks is a tale of water


The utilities company Forsyning Helsingør will be building the New Snekkersten Waterworks, which will include a new plant and the facilities to invite in the public for a tale of water.  

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provides architectural expertise for the New Snekkersten Waterworks which will be overlooking Snekkersten and the Sound. It will be standing on high ground which slopes down towards the Sound, and the terrain will be utilized to build in the large distribution reservoirs which will make them appear smaller and reflect the natural gravitation of water. 

The waterworks will be divided into a technical wing and a visitors/staff wing. The processing plant will be constructed symmetrically and housed in a cubic building with corten steel façades, rising above the low concrete wing.  A large glazed section will be facing the Sound, providing a view of the technology, and water pumps along the façade and visible downpipes will also contribute to the tale of water. 

Forsyning Helsingør is the client on this project. The New Snekkersten Waterworks is designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects and the project will be performed as a turnkey contract in collaboration with the water specialists Krüger A/S, the construction company CC Brun A/S and consulting engineers ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S. The planning and construction design will be carried out during 2018 and the project is slated for completion in 2019.