New energy in Gothenburg – first prize in design competition for new biomass plant


Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ proposal for a new biomass plant has been selected as the winner of Gothenburg Energy's design competition. The plant is an extension to an existing facility and will sit in a very prominent location at the entrance to the Göta River.

Like other major cities, Gothenburg is planning to reduce its climate impact and phase out fossil fuel-based energy production. We are pleased to be able contribute to this transition - as we have done in the past in Stockholm and Copenhagen - and we look forward to starting another project in Gothenburg.

"The architecture of the winning proposal is deemed to work well in its context and shows a small carbon footprint in both the construction process, during the lifetime of the building and allowing for dismantling for reuse. Working with a life cycle perspective in this way gives buildings a greater chance of withstanding change over time and is something we should take advantage of more widely," says Anna Berencreutz, planning architect at the city planning office and jury member.

From the jury's report: 'The winning entry gives an elegant and natural impression. The building's design is unmistakably industrial and at the same time soft in its appearance. The competition proposal appears dynamic in its design and is deemed to be able to be adapted well and with retained qualities to the process equipment that will be selected."

The proposal has been created with the support of AFRY Gothenburg.

Biomasseværk ved Göta-elven