Kulturgården – architectural competition on designing a Cultural Centre in the heart of Hvidovre    


Hvidovre Local Authority invites interested parties to participate in an architectural competition to design a new Cultural Centre in Hvidovre. The brief is to build Kulturgården (the Cultural Centre) complete with ‘Theatre Garden’ as well as arrival and parking areas on a site which is just over 2,000 square metres. The total construction sum amounts to some DKK 70 million excluding VAT.

Risbjerggård is situated in 241 Hvidovrevej in the centre of Hvidovre. Since 1922, it has been a venue for cultural experiences and a place where people get together. The intention is to update the venue and continue putting on activities, such as parties, dancing, music, theatre, film and presentations at the new Cultural Centre.

The local theatre company Teater Vestvolden is a prominent player in the cultural life of the town. Moving this cultural flagship into the new Cultural Centre is laying the cornerstone of its future cultural profile. The venue will become the setting where active residents from all walks of life will contribute to the activities both as ideas people and committed participants. The inclusive environment will ensure a rich and diverse cultural life, encompassing all of Hvidovre across age, gender and social background.

Launching the competition, Hvidovre Local Authority is hoping for a wide range of applicants. In an ideal world, the teams will comprise small (including newly started/young enterprises), medium-sized and large companies. Completely new operations are encouraged to apply for prequalification along with more established companies. 

At the beginning of January, five teams will be selected based on the applications submitted. The teams will each be paid DKK 150,000 excl. VAT to participate.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is client adviser on the competition and has headed the preparation of the building programme and will take on the role of the secretariat during the competition process.

How to apply
The prequalification process is conducted via RIB software, http://www.rib-software.dk, tender number TN006212A, where the building programme may be downloaded providing further information on the competition brief. Access to the above-mentioned tender is free when you create a user account on the website using the tender number provided above.

Further information on the plans for Hvidovre town centre is available here: https://www.hvidovre.dk/Hvidovre/Hvidovre%20Bymidte