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Innovative climate park is taking shape


Earthworks have begun in Hillerød, where the Solrødgård Climate and Environmental Park is now underway. The 51-hectare park will synergetically bring together Hillerød Utility Company's energy production, water treatment, rainwater handling, and resource recycling, and will also be a large recreational area where visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and to explore the many processes going on in the various utility buildings.


These days, large meadows and a new network of streams are established to build the foundation of a rich wildlife and to accommodate large volumes of water to fend off local flooding. The landscape developments will facilitate drainage not only of the park itself, but also of a local residential area of Hillerød.


Drainage is one of the many aspects of the park project, which GPA has been entrusted to design, plan and develop. In addition to the extensive landscaping assignment, GPA is also heading the design of Hillerød Utility Company's new Climate and Environmental Centre which will also form part of the park.


GPA collaborates with Sloth Møller, Krüger and Orbicon on the project, which is slated for completion in 2018.


Read more about the project here.