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Holmestrand Station wins Norwegian concrete award


The Norwegian concrete award Betongtavlen (‘The Concrete Tablet’) is awarded to structures “where concrete is used in an environmentally, aesthetically and technically excellent way”. This year, Betongtavlen was awarded to the new high-speed station at Holmestrand which was designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

The new Holmestrand Station is situated deep inside the Norwegian mountain. It is an extraordinary station which opened in December 2016 as part of the Norwegian government’s high-speed strategy. For the coastal town of Holmestrand, the consequence is that the existing railway track running through the town has had to be abandoned in favour of a tunnel and station built into the adjacent mountain massif.

It was a challenging project in many different ways and it has received great recognition. On 7 November 2017, Holmestrand Station was awarded the Norwegian concrete award Betongtavlen for its exemplary use of concrete.

The award ceremony was held at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the panel of judges made the following comments:

“Holmestrand Station is a huge, spectacular train station, situated 150 metres inside the Holmestrand mountain. It is entirely built inside the mountain, using concrete and craftsmanship of the highest order. A main design concept was to generate cohesion architecturally, structurally and in terms of the materials used between the tunnels and the station lobby in order that visitors would sense the connection between entrances and platforms. The idea was to create the impression that the entrances had grown out of the mountain and they begin the route to the train through the arches of the access tunnels where the light-coloured concrete is a recurrent theme. Holmestrand Station is a structure where concrete is used in an environmentally, aesthetically and technically excellent way and this is why it is awarded Betongtavlen 2017.”

Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ CEO, Kristian Hagemann came to Oslo to receive the award together with the partners on the project: Bane NOR, Rambøll Norge AS, Skanska and NorBetong.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects specializes in mobility architecture and has activities in Denmark and the other Nordic Countries. 

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