GPA and SHL shortlisted to design World’s largest waste-to-energy plant 


The 267,000m2 site sits within a beautiful landscape that will become part of the Shenzhen urban area. Shenzhen Municipality and the client, the Shenzhen Energy Group, demands a strong architectural vision for the project that will give the city and the local residents an inviting public complex while also providing a platform for public education.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen has been active in Asia for almost a decade. The studio has built a reputation for bringing a strong Scandinavian design approach to large complex public projects in China.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has received international acclaim for the ability to merge technical knowledge with a strong architectural design. GPA has become an expert in designing technical facilities, especially in an urban context, and recently won the commission for the new BIO4 power plant in Copenhagen.

Combining shared experiences from both Denmark and Asia, Gottlieb Paludan Architects and Schmidt Hammer Lassen will offer Shenzhen Energy Group a design that takes the best of what we know from people-oriented public design and develop it to meet Shenzhen’s growing urbanization challenges.