‘Denmark’s most beautiful climate adaptation solution’


GPA has been selected as one of the winners in the first phase of the design competition for ‘Denmark’s most beautiful climate adaptation solution’ in Middelfart on the island of Fyn. 

Our proposal, devised in cooperation with SNE Architects, 2+1 Idébureau, Via Trafik and the consultants Jan Støvring and Anna Lund, was praised for its pragmatic SUDS solutions and its appreciation of Middelfart’s existing qualities. The panel of judges commented, for example, that the proposal has “found an excellent balance between technology and aesthetics. The proposal’s architectural ‘tone’ seems well adapted to Middelfart, and the selected solutions add definite environmental, aesthetic and social value to Middelfart.” We are looking forward to further developing the proposal in cooperation with the Climate City and our team members in the next phase of the competition.