Clean drinking water is now flowing from Snekkersten’s new waterworks


Since early spring, the new waterworks in Snekkersten has supplied local residents and businesses with clean drinking water. The facility is the latest in a series of new waterworks designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects – all with new, modern technologies, and all focusing on managing our water resources and communicating about the circulation of water.

The new waterworks replaces the old 1969 facility, introducing new technologies such as seven-chamber bottom aeration for stripping methane, double filtration, 2*1250 m3 detached, inspectable clean-water stainless steel tanks as well as bactericidal UV treatment to counter contamination. 

Overlooking Snekkersten and the waters of Øresund, the waterworks is integrated on high ground that slopes down towards Øresund, taking advantage of the terrain to incorporate the big clean-water tanks so that they appear smaller. This also enables the facility to utilize the natural elevation differences to conduct water through the various processes.

The waterworks is 1,700 m2, organized into a technical wing and a visitors’ and staff wing. The processing plant is symmetrically constructed and placed in a cubic building with rust-red Corten steel façades that rise above the low concrete wing.

Snekkersten Waterworks is intended to have a communicative role in Elsinore Municipality, and we have consequently constructed learning hotspots at several points in the architecture that invite the public to get a closer look at the water processing steps, both inside and outside the facility. A large glazed section will be constructed facing the Øresund strait and providing a view of the tanks inside, while water pumps along the façade and visible downpipes also contribute to the tale of water.

New Snekkersten Waterworks is being designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects, with the project realized as a turnkey contract in collaboration with Krüger A/S, CC Brun A/S and ISC Ingeniører A/S.