Amager Power Station in Copenhagen is now illuminated


On Thursday 7 October 2021, HOFOR inaugurated the facade lighting of Copenhagen’s new biomass-fired power plant, AMV4, marking the end of its construction period.

From now on, the lighting will make the plant and the spectacular facade of tree trunks visible to Copenhageners in the evening hours. The façade lighting creates a vibrant but subdued night scene, where the light moves calmly across the facade, revealing the structure and depth of the stems. Behind the outer façade, the interior og the power plant is revealed by bright light coming from angular glass bay windows, that can be seen between the tree trunks.

A staircase leads up through the forest of trunks providing views into the plant’s interior energy production along the way. The staircase ends on a viewing platform with a magnificent view of the city and the sea. While on the stairs, the experience of the facade lighting is particularly intense, as you walk between the illuminated trunks.

The facade is illuminated every evening from sunset until late evening and again on dark mornings. AMV4 is located at the end of Vindmøllevej in Copenhagen and there is public access to the forecourt. The facade lighting can also be viewed from Lynetten Marina and Refshalevej.

The lighting installation was designed in collaboration with the British lighting designers Speirs Major Light Architecture. AMV4 was created in collaboration with MOE, Lytt and Møller & Grønborg and is a cornerstone of Copenhagen's plan to stop burning fossil fuels.

Read more about the project via this link.