Christina Tolstrup

  • Head of Sustainability Design, Team Leader
  • DGNB Consultant, Architect MAA
  • Copenhagen
  • Phone: +45 4171 8277
  • E-mail: ct@gottliebpaludan.com

Selected projects

Energy & Utilities

Køge Waterworks

Client: Energiforsyningen Køge

Year: 2018

Area: 2600 m2

Location: Køge, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Marbjerg Waterworks, Roskilde

Client: HOFOR A/S

Year: 2015

Area: 2145 m2

Location: Roskilde, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Bagsværd Waterworks

Client: Nordvand A/S

Year: 2015

Area: 600 m2

Location: Bagsværd, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Solrødgård Climate and Environmental Centre

Client: Hillerød Forsyning

Year: 2019

Area: 3000 m2

Location: Solrødgård, Hillerød

Energy & Utilities

Høje Taastrup Waterworks

Client: Høje Taastrup Kommune

Year: 2008

Area: 900 m2

Location: Høje Taastrup, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Fasan Waste Incineration

Client: AffaldPlus

Year: 2006

Area: 3000 m2

Location: Næstved, Denmark